Video Surveillance / Security Camera Systems

Security Camera and Recording systems are designed to improve facility surveillance and management, allowing multiple locations within one or more sites to be presented on a single desktop, video wall or on a handheld mobile device.

Video monitoring falls into two broad categories, live and forensic. Live surveillance allows immediate response to a developing situation. Forensic review allows analysis, reporting and the development of policies for event response and companywide security awareness.

While 100% digital, network IP cameras and recording are now the norm, migration from legacy analog CCTV / CCVE systems can be planned to spread investment over time.

Protec | ADT Commercial is a factory authorized dealer for S2 NetVR and OpenEye Recorder and Digital Video Management Systems (DVMS) and brand leading network fixed dome and PTZ cameras. Hardware platforms can be based on manufacturer turnkey solutions to video optimized, generic servers.

From a single camera security surveillance system to multiple high-speed pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) domes with auto-iris and vari-focal lenses, Protec | ADT Commercial   has a proven track record of installing and maintaining state-of-the-art security surveillance systems in the Pacific Northwest.

CCTV and DVR Benefits

  • Deter exterior threats at building entries and exits
  • Deter in-house theft / inappropriate behavior
  • Encourage accountability in slip / fall / Worker’s Compensation claims
  • Analyze adherence to correct safety procedures in hazardous areas
  • Reduce shrinkage in retail and warehouse inventory
  • Verify of alarms generated by fire, intrusion and access control systems
  • Oversee of MDF / IDF / IT Closets and Ethernet Network Infrastructure
  • Increase productivity / Reduce liability
  • Protect R&D, trade secrets and intellectual property
  • Comply with industry guidelines and requirements
  • Satisfy of client driven operational requirements
  • Demonstrate concern for and deliver employee safety
  • Manage / support reception and public areas

Video Surveillance Features

  • Choose single manufacturer end-to-end or custom built, multivendor solutions
  • Choose purpose-built recording hardware or generic server platforms
  • Scale from single camera and recorder to multi-camera, multi-recorder sites
  • Migrate from legacy analog to full digital over time
  • Quickly retrieve recorded video by optimized thumbnail and timeline search
  • Manage locally and remotely through secure, cloud based services
  • Leverage video walls for accelerated situation analysis and response
  • Leverage network storage for longer periods of video retention
  • Access via PC thick client, thin client / browser, tablet and smartphone
  • Monitor gates and fences via wireless Ethernet bridge

To learn more about our Video Security Monitoring CCTV, DVR and NVR system products and services, call our Beaverton, Oregon office at 503 235-4000 or contact us.