Photo ID Badging

ID Badging brings a sense of identity and belonging to a company or institution’s security mindset. Securely printed, credit card sized credentials help quickly identify the status of the wearer within the premises to other authorized individuals.

Permanent employees can readily be distinguished, at a glance, from temporary or contract personnel, vendors and third party service providers, by combining text and color backgrounds to the ID badge design.

ID’s can be plain PVC cards with visual ID only or full access control credentials that also communicate with the building’s access control system.

Protec | ADT Commercial‘s access control products can integrate Photo ID creation and management with the cardholder database to combine ID with single or multiple technology access cards and biometrics.

Photo ID Badging Features

  • Dye sublimation process chemically binds the image to the PVC card
  • Multiple badge templates
  • In-printer magnetic stripe encoding of tracks 1, 2 and 3
  • In-printer barcode printing
  • Print self-adhesive stickers for attachment to existing proximity card stock
  • Industry standard image storage including JPEG
  • User definable badge designs
  • Image storage from file import or digital camera
  • Batch card printing
  • Special applications for education, healthcare, industrial and high-tech
  • Horizontal and vertical badges
  • Simple, clean loading of print ribbon media
  • Small footprint, attractive design of printers for use in reception areas
  • Stand alone or integrated with access control system

Photo ID Badging Benefits

  • Readily identify authorized personnel by function and location
  • Manage visitor and temporary contractor badges
  • Reduce ID tampering and forgery through chemical printing process
  • Minimal training required for clerical and reception staff
  • Reduce administrative costs by using a single access control / ID platform
  • Enhance employee loyalty

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