Intrusion Detection / Intrusion Alarm

An intrusion detection (or burglar) alarm system helps secure building premises by monitoring the open / closed status of doors, motion within the space or breakage of glass.

When an intrusion is detected, the alarm signal can be sent to Protec | ADT Commercial UL Certified Central Station via conventional telephone line, cellular or ProtecNet wireless communicator (mesh radio).

Arming and disarming of the intrusion alarm system can be managed in many ways to suit the profile and culture of your industry: by PIN code entry or proximity card presentation at a keypad at designated entry point, by exterior cardreader or combination cardreader / keypad using single or dual authentication or remotely using PC based software or smartphone app.

Campus and multisite intrusion alarm can also be managed through the PC based software application. Protec | ADT Commercial will install and configure the application, train system administrators and provide support when needed.

Intrusion Alarm Features

  • Indoor / Outdoor motion detectors and photoelectric beams
  • Door position sensors
  • Glass break sensors
  • Exit/entry time delay feature
  • Individual identification of 200+ alarm points per system
  • Real time management and reporting via Smartphone, LAN/WAN or dial-up
  • Environmental monitoring of freezers, water pumps, boilers and other systems
  • Access control and fire alarm system integration
  • Keep track of authorized personnel who enter and leave

Intrusion Alarm Benefits

  • Peace of mind
  • Deterrent
  • Internal & external protection for employees, assets and family
  • Audit trail informs company standard operating procedures / policy
  • Meet third party client and regulatory agency requirements
  • Leverage system investment for future company expansions and moves
  • 24-hour monitoring by Protec | ADT Commercial‘s local central station
  • Protec | ADT Commercial‘s local, in-house alarm monitoring staff provide personalized service

To learn more about our Protec | ADT Commercial Intrusion Alarm Systems products and services, call our Beaverton, Oregon office at 503 235-4000 or contact us.