The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) mandates that fire systems in “protected premises” shall be tested at least annually. AHJ’s (Authority Having Jurisdiction) at the city and county level have adopted this code and are responsible for local enforcement. Applicable codes.

Most new and existing fire systems are designed as “protected premise” fire systems. Protec | ADT Commercial  maintains NICET certified technicians on staff to provide clients with their required annual fire alarm, sprinkler and suppression system inspection and testing.

We are able to perform inspection and testing services on virtually any fire alarm system including Simplex, Siemens/Pyrotronics, Notifier, FCI, Silent Knight, EST, Fenwall, Gamewell, FireLite, ESL and others. Contact us today for a competitive, no obligation onsite assessment and quotation.

Inspection and Testing  Benefits


System Integrity and Operational Assurance

  • Only a regularly tested and properly maintained fire alarm system can be counted on for advanced warning and evacuation in the event of an actual fire. The consequences of a malfunctioning fire alarm system can result in the loss of life and property.

False Alarm Reduction

  • Fire alarm systems that are poorly maintained are prone to false alarms due to the accumulation of dust and other contaminates. False alarm fines can be significant and no one wants fire trucks to respond unnecessarily.

Protection from Liability

  • Ignorance is no excuse. The testing of all fire alarm systems is mandatory, at minimum one time annually. It is up to the Local AHJ (Fire Marshal or Inspector) to enforce these mandatory obligations.
  • It is the building owner’s responsibility to follow the law. In the event of an actual fire, the consequences of an untested or improperly maintained fire alarm system that results in the loss of life or property can end in prosecution or severe financial repercussions.

Discounted Insurance Rates

  • Many insurance carriers offer a discount if the building owner can show proof of regular testing and maintenance of the fire alarm system.
  • Personnel testing and maintaining fire systems should have an appropriate level of knowledge, skill and understanding of the systems and equipment. Certified technicians ensure your system is tested properly.

How Protec Can Help

To learn more about our Fire Test and Inspection products and services, call our Beaverton, Oregon office at 503 235-4000 or contact us.

Fire Alarm Codes

Fire Alarm Systems Automatic Smoke Detection NFPA 72
Ventilation Systems Dampers & Detectors NFPA 72 & 90
Sprinkler Systems Certification NFPA 25
  Waterflow and Tamper NFPA 25 & 72
  Fire Hydrant NFPA 24 & 25
  Fire Hose NFPA 1962
  Fire Pump NFPA 20 & 25
  Backflow Devices NFPA 25
Fire Suppression Systems Portable Fire Extinguishers NFPA 10
  Kitchen Hood NFPA 10 & 17
  Fixed Fire Protection NFPA 12 & 12A