Access Control

The proactive management of entry through physical controls such as barriers, gates, turnstiles and doors is central to the layered approach to building security: Site, Building Perimeter, Building Area, Room.

Entry points are controlled by electric actuators, door strikes, magnetic locks, leversets and latches when a credential is presented to a card or fob reader at the portal. Status can be monitored by sensors for real time or forensic reporting on building security.

Access authorization by person, location and time are typically managed and reported on from a company network connected desktop, laptop or smartphone running access control application software.

Protec | ADT Commercial access control systems are scalable from one door to thousands across multiple locations, worldwide. They can be integrated to third party and Protec | ADT Commercial provided hardware: fire alarm, intrusion alarm, intercom and video surveillance systems and software: HR, Time & Attendance, Campus Management and Industrial Control applications.

Access Control Features

  • Keyless entry
  • Employee tracking
  • Parking control with Anti-Passback
  • Elevator control by floor
  • Limit areas by date/time and individual cardholder
  • Multiple credential types: Smart Card / Fob, Proximity Card / Fob, Magnetic Stripe Card, Wireless Pushbutton, Biometric (Fingerprint, Face / Iris Recognition)
  • Remote facility control via Internet, LAN/WAN
  • Multisite expansion capability
  • PC Client Operating Systems: MS Windows 7, 10
  • Browser Access: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari
  • Smartphone Access: iPhone / Android
  • Intrusion Alarm Integration
  • CCTV / DVR / NVR / DVMS Integration
  • Video Badging / Photo ID / Video Verification
  • Visitor Management
  • Muster Stations
  • Guard Tour

Access Control Benefits

  • Eliminate cost of rekeying
  • Centralized management reduces administrative burden
  • Internal & external protection for employees and assets
  • Manage change and threat levels quickly and efficiently
  • Audit trail informs company standard operating procedures / policy
  • Staff and contractors play a part in the company’s security community
  • Meet third party client and regulatory agency requirements
  • Leverage system investment for future company expansions and moves

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