24 Hour Alarm Monitoring

Protec | ADT Commercial currently still provides LOCAL Central Station Monitoring.

Alarm monitoring goes far beyond a siren sounding at the protected building. Protec | ADT Commercial ‘s Central Station is staffed by highly trained monitoring professionals standing by 24x7x365 in our local state-of-the-art security monitoring center, ready to dispatch the proper authorities.

A monitored system is a powerful deterrent to crime and an essential response to other emergencies; it delivers important additional security, day in and day out. Research has shown that sites with monitored security are three times less likely to experience a burglary or break-in.

Experience The Difference

One-call Peace of Mind, from monitoring and dispatching, to customer service, billing questions, technical assistance over the phone and scheduling a service call. Our dispatchers and customer service personnel are trained experts in their field. Because they are based locally, right here in Portland, Oregon, they get to know each account individually. We recognize that each customer has specific requirements.

Monitoring Service Response

  1. Your armed alarm system is activated and notifies our security monitoring center via dialup phone line, ProtecNet cellular or mesh radio communicator.
  2. A specially trained alarm dispatcher calls the person or service you nominate and cancels the alarm if you give your secret code.
  3. Police, fire or other emergency services are dispatched if you indicate help is needed or you cannot be reached.

Protec | ADT Commercial can customize your account and tailor to your specific needs.

Personal Service

We can get you answers and resolutions to your questions faster and more skillfully. Unlike national security monitoring companies where you become a number in a computer, Protec | ADT Commercial treats each customer as if they were the only customer we have. At Protec | ADT Commercial, you matter.

Disaster Recovery / Resilience

Protec’s database information and all our processing equipment is completely redundant. Our receivers are the latest in the industry. Massive generators back up our centers in the event of an emergency.

What does this mean to you ? We will respond to your alarm signal or telephone call regardless of weather or power conditions. Ask our competitors if they can provide the same guarantee.

24-hour Technical Assistance Center

Our in-house 24-hour Technical Assistance Center is staffed with professionals who are able to provide troubleshooting assistance, including panel downloads with limited reprogramming.

This means we save you time and money and avoid the hassle of waiting for a service technician at your home. However, if a service call is necessary, we are able to immediately schedule a service appointment without the inconvenience of callback scheduling.

Timely and Efficient Service

Our monitoring centers use state-of-the-art monitoring software. Our corporate office is tied to the operations center so that we can view account information in real-time. How does this help you? You need only make one call to Protec | ADT Commercial  to get the answers you need.

To learn more about our 24-Hour Local Alarm Monitoring products and services, call our Beaverton, Oregon office at 503 235-4000 or contact us.